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Harppaamo is an independent non-profit think-and-do-tank with a purpose to popularise research information, and to encourage the birth of new ideas and business opportunities across the entire food ecosystem.

Harppaamo is set to focus on the future. There is no need to spend energy on the current world, unless it’s necessary for future change.

Our Vision

The people must have the ability to choose the best ja make their consumption decisions based on their own values. 

The food ecosystem must become the forerunner in solving the issues of value-based and sustainable consumption behaviour.  

Our Mission

To bring up and act upon the meaningful issues and topics for the future, and to influence the common values by facilitating open discussion among the consumers and the food ecosystem. 

To initiate actions and activities, that influence positively to the competitiveness of the future food ecosystem. 

We want to create a movement for meaningful and sustainable future of the food.

Embrace Our Food Planet thinking.

Key Activity Areas

Public discussion & engagement

  • Stopping the “fake news” with researched information
  • Engaging with people by facilitating public discussion on the food ecosystem 
  • Initiation for place for engagement and discussion in digital and physical world

Ecosystem development

  • Engaging with industry and non-industry players to create a platform for digital food ecosystem

Our Food Planet initiatives

  • Opening opportunities for future food initiatives

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